AWS Distribution Brands

India House
Super Tasty
Aroma Fresh
Afra Electronics
Levant Garden
Lime Tree Organic
"Happier Customers, Simpler Operations - AWS Distribution Delivers Insights on Today’s Trends, Inventive Recipes, and the latest AWS Product Innovations"

AWS Distribution has been established since 2020. We have increased and expanded our range of specialty products, and have ensured quality and great taste by working closely with our suppliers. We have become one of the leading distributors in the UAE and MENA Region.

To be able to achieve our main goal, we constantly initiate and develop Stable reforms in our business structure. Our Brands offer products of outstanding quality, thereby building the reputation of the brands. We offer the consumer product excellence in terms of visual appearance, taste, and packaging.

Our company has evolved from a mere distributor to an enterprise that develops brands and successfully markets various products ranging from

Food Products
Non Food Products
Electronics & Appliances

AWS Distribution endeavors to continue this achievement by seeking products with huge advantages over traditional branded products.